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MyBank by Connect

4.6 ( 96 ratings )
Empresas Finanças
Developer: SecureKey Technologies Inc

This mobile app provides a tutorial and sample user experience for mobile and online banking using SecureKey’s Connect authentication service. Includes simplified mobile-only, web-to-mobile, and web-only secure authentication flows. The corresponding web banking experience can be found at

About About™ Connect Connect is a cloud-based service that replaces inherently weak passwords with embedded multifactor authentication that is easy to use and simple to implement. It provides enhanced levels of assurance that users are who they say they are when using your services using only a simple PIN or passcode. Under the covers, creates dynamic, cryptographic-based IDs that anchor into the device and your web and mobile applications. User passcodes or PINs are never stored on the device or in the cloud, eliminating targets for hackers. And unlike complicated One-Time Password systems, users don’t need to transcribe codes from one device to another. Best of all, the same user passcode can be used across virtually any device consumers already have – smartphones, tablets, and personal computers. Connect also works with hardware security modules such as Intel® Identity Protection Technology, and other similar Trusted Execution Environments for additional levels of security.